Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Analytical reflection on oral presentation:

I felt that our team was confident in projecting ourselves during the presentation. During the initial part of the presentation, it was slightly tense however, over the course of the presentation, our confidence grew. The entire course from planning to delivering the proposal was a learning journey. We met up over the weekend to rehearse and discuss and agree upon how the idea could be presented more effectively to the audience, such as keeping our explanations short and concise, as well as, minimizing words in our visual aid. We agreed that the presentation would appear more convincing as we would only use visual aids to convey our ideas more effectively when needed. We each had our own strength and style in presenting which we can learn from, and apply it to our future presentations. Personally, the practice we had together helped me significantly, by organizing my thoughts, which increased my confidence for the presentation. There are much more improvements to be made, as well as, much more styles of presenting to be learned, in order to improvise our way of pitching in a captivating manner. Many great speakers speak without any visual aids, yet allowing the audience to visualize their thoughts and ideas. This is the objective in which we want to achieve, to not bore the audience with too much technical items in the presentation, but to catch their attention, and convey the idea which will persuade them in a fun and stimulating manner. The audience must leave with knowledge of our proposal, and an impression that the presentation was enjoyable. I feel that there a few more improvements which i need to make. Some improvement which i can make would be to present with more passion and enthusiasm, also to attend other presentations and experience the style of other speakers. This will broaden my knowledge of presentation skills as well as, how other speakers cope with the audience.


  1. Thanks, Chris, for this detailed review. You explain clearly that the planning and preparation your team did aided you in the presentation. As you approach your next presentation, I wonder what you feel you can improve.

  2. Hi Chris,

    The rehearsal and discussion among your team must have helped your presentation. Great work! I am glad to see you and your team learning from each other's strength. I also agree that attending other presentations can allow us to learn and improve. Let's continue working on our presentation skills together!