Friday, 7 October 2016

Email to Dr Moshood

 This email was written with a purpose to schedule a meeting with Dr Moshood; a professor with knowledge in building services, to seek his advice on water tank storage tank.

Dear Dr. Moshood,

I am Ike Domenden, a first-year SIE (Building Services) student. As I am currently in Brad Blackstone's Effective Communication class, I have been assigned to a group of three including myself and tasked to identify an engineering problem and propose a solution. Following a discussion with Brad, I was told to seek your advice as you hold a great deal of knowledge with regards to Building Services matters.

The engineering problem that our group has come up with is the issue of water disruption in buildings due to cleaning and maintenance works being performed on their respective rooftop water storage tank.

From what we know, water storage tanks have internal partitions to ensure water output is not disrupted when one side is undergoing maintenance works. However, the partition warps over time, losing its watertight integrity. As a result, isolation becomes difficult to perform, and the tanks often have to be completely shut off in order to proceed with cleaning and maintenance works, leading to water disruptions.

To solve this problem, we are currently planning to propose the replacement of said tank into two individual physical tanks to ensure that isolation can be done effectively, so that any works being done on one of the tanks will not affect the overall water output.

Our group would like to consult you and obtain some background information on water storage tanks, so that we can have a better understanding before we prepare our proposal. The main items that we require clarification for are as follows:

1. Does every building have only one domestic water storage tank that serves water to the entire building?

2. Are different materials being used for water tanks? What are the pros and cons of each?

3. Is it better for us to focus on a specific type of building (HDB Flats, Shopping Malls etc.) when working on our proposal?

4. We plan to record an interview with experienced professionals or any relevant authorities, which we have identified as HDB, PUB, BCA and the local Town Councils. Which of these should we request an interview from in order to get a professional opinion on this matter?

We would really appreciate it if you could share your expertise with us regarding domestic water storage tanks. Alternatively, if needed, kindly assist us to direct these questions to the relevant people. Many thanks!

Best regards,
Ike Domenden
Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering
(Building Services)

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